About Best Itineraries

Have you ever felt in your heart and soul that you HAD to do something? Whether it makes you money or not or even if it can be time-consuming, exhausting, and frustrating, it just HAD to be done?

I feel this way about writing itineraries. And I am committed to making itineraries interactive and customizable.


Because I found zero options for travellers who want authentic and photogenic experiences that are adventurous and based on local insight and opinions.

How do our itineraries work?

Our comprehensive travel itineraries have a basic itinerary (the minimum number of days you NEED to see the must-sees) plus the add-ons (full days that you fit in at the recommended point in the trip) to extend your trip so it is customized to you and your interests.

what’s Our purpose?

To encourage more people to see incredible places on their own and feel confident that they had the most fulfilling and adventurous trip possible. (And likely lots of hiking will be involved.)