Grand Teton National Park


Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton range is easily one of the most impressive mountain ranges I’ve ever seen. It’s one that you can’t stop staring at and somehow never gets old. Exploring the park meant coming around a bend to see a new angle of Grand Teton and being awe-struck all over again. I enjoyed the balance between great photography spots, day hikes and backpacking opportunities, and relaxing lakefront picnics and BBQs.


  • INCREDIBLE photography locations to capture all angles of the teton range.

  • top notch day and backpacking trails.

  • a stunning park without the crowds!

LOCATION: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


  • Summer and fall for best hiking conditions


  • Drive time from Jackson, wyoming: 10 minutes

  • DRIVE TIME FROM Yellowstone: 3 hours

USAMikaela Gregory