Canadian Rockies 5-Day Itinerary

The first time I went to the Rockies, I felt like a tourist. I was there for 5 days and ran around with a list of all the places I wanted to see. I was lucky to go during shoulder season so all the touristy spots weren’t nearly as busy as they would be during Summer. However, after spending months in my favorite place, I have a much clearer idea of what a first trip to the Rockies should include, where to stay, and how to avoid the crowds.

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The itinerary I created for what 5 days in the Canadian Rockies should really be like is one of my most popular pages to date. It is just one part of the Canada Guide & Itinerary. Since it is not technically a ‘blog’, I have linked it here for you to have direct access to it.

I am keeping access to this open so you are always able to see the format of what I offer in the full guide. And I guarantee it is the perfect way to see the best of the Canadian Rockies in 5 days.

If you have more than 5 days or want to extend further than the Canadian Rockies to Vancouver and explore more of British Columiba and Alberta, the full guide is what you need.

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West Coast of Canada Guide & Itinerary

Based around exploring the most scenic area in canada, the canadian Rocky mountains, this guide includes the best adventures, sightseeing, and scenery of the West Coast of Canada. Including a guide to spending 3 days in Vancouver, the journey to the Rockies (two options for getting there), and the 5-day Canadian Rockies itinerary. You are then able to customize your trip with 20+ add-ons that you add at the recommended point across for the most efficient trip in British Columbia and Alberta. 


Get a sense of what locals love most but take years to go out and see for themselves.