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The first time I went to the Rockies, I felt like a tourist. I was there for 5 days and ran around with a list of all the places I wanted to see. I was lucky to go during shoulder season so it felt less like I was doing ONLY  the touristy spots. The second time, I visited for weeks and got a much clearer idea of what a trip to the Rockies should include, where to stay, and how to avoid the crowds. See what 5 days in the Rockies should really be like.



Since 5 days is hardly enough time to see the Rockies, the full guide builds on the 5-days with options for add-ons that can extend your trip by weeks and the most efficient point for them to be included.


What You Get

The full Canadian Adventure! 

  • 3-day Vancouver Itinerary
  • Journey to the Rockies (2 ways- the scenic and direct route from Vancouver)
  • 5-day Canadian Rockies Itinerary
  • 10+ top backpacking and day hike add-ons
  • 10+ top kayaking trips (day and multi-day), excursions and exciting detour add-ons


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Everything you need to know for the most scenic, photogenic, and authentic trip.