Is the itinerary an ebook?

No, although the first version of all guides were! However, it felt too stagnant. Nothing could be updated or improved. Keeping the guides online allows them to continue to develop overtime so they will be useful for all future visits with plenty of new, fresh ideas!

Can i download the guide?

The guide can not be downloaded since it is essentially a website within the Best Itineraries website accessible only by logging in. Feel free to screenshot if you plan to stay offline and download offline Google Maps so you can make sure to reach all of your destinations.

Do you provide support during the trip?

Yes, I have a message box built directly into each guide’s homepage so you can easily ask questions regarding your your trip! This is what I love to do and hearing your questions helps me make sure I’m making these guides as useful as possible.


Why do i have to log in?

Lots of content on Best Itineraries is available and accessible to everyone. However, the itineraries are a separate resource that customers pay for. Hence, needing to log in to access them!

How is the guide interactive?

It was designed to appear visually interactive. What you get is a basic itinerary (what you NEED to do if you are visiting), and mixed in between each of the days of the itinerary (based on where they would fit best) are possible add-ons, shown as a drop down, where you get detailed information. After reading the description and seeing the pictures, you can decide if it appeals to you, customizing the itinerary to fit you.

Can I sample a guide?

Yes, please check out the Canadian Rockies 5-day Basic Itinerary. This will give you an idea of the format and descriptions, but is only the Canadian Rockies without any add-on options and without the rest of Western Canada.